Why Internet Traffic Works


Why internet traffic works is simple but for people who do not understand this it might be complicated. There are a few things that will help you generate the traffic that you are looking for. The first thing that you need to know is that having a website or a (url) uniform resource locator is important. This is your signature how people recognize you and the product that you are selling.

You will want to get targeted traffic which means if you are selling a weight loss plan you don’t want to sell this to a professional sumo wrestler. You want to reach someone who is looking for a way to lose weight. There are many ways to get the targeted traffic you are looking for.

The way the internet works is, a person logs on their computer opens their search engine which may be yahoo, Google… This person now is looking for information; they type the key words that they are looking for into their search engine. When the search engine finds the key words the user is looking for, it brings up a variety of information.

This is the information that people all over the world have written in blogs and articles giving a person the information they were looking for. There is a catch though with every article written on the internet there is a reward for this information. In every article, or piece of information put on the internet, there is a place for the writer to enter a location on the web where he or she is promoting.

Once you have been given the information and are satisfied with what you have read. This is where the writer is able to take you to more information, or suggest a product they are offering to you. Many people believe they are just finding more information, when really they have started going into a sales page. This is a really natural process most people feel like this is just how the internet traffic works. When really you just entered a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is taking a person who is looking for information on a subject, to a review, or an article on the related search. From there you liked what you read and want to see more. So you follow the author’s links which he has put in front of you to click on. Next you go to this person’s web site or a site that he or she is affiliated with; once you reach this point they are trying to get you to purchase a product or service.

This is how internet traffic works every day; many people do not understand how the internet really works.

The internet is a really good tool for finding information, unfortunately very few know how to use this resource to their full benefit. I spend most of my time teaching people how to use the internet for advertising and researching. Internet Traffic. To learn more about internet programs and reviews on big name marketers.

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Help others


I want to mention the importance of helping others in their time of need.

What I’m referring to is when someone joins a company that you are promoting. We will take GDI for ex. There are many people out there that say GDI is a scam, ripoff, will not work. I want to slap these people, as almost any business on the internet can succeed, with the proper training to the new people who join. If you are willing to put the time in with your advertising and promoting which is usually 1 to 3 hours per day. What if you were to spend 1 to 3 hours a day talking to your new prospects and explaining what you are actually promoting.

If everyone on the internet spent the time to help others as they do advertising. We would have much better respect in the online world. Here is a thought, how many people really know what they are promoting? Do you know what you are promoting? Do you know how to explain what you are doing to others, to make money?

Sure their are many products out there that are self promoting. Weightloss take a pill and do some jumping jacks you’ll lose some weight sure. How many people understand how home based businesses really work?

Well I am working from home I know exactly how my system works I know that you need a domain, the domain is my property like my own “McDonalds” which is GDI. I have a product or my “sandwich” which is Empower Network or blog training site. Now I have a lot of smaller products other than the “big mac” I have backlinking training. I have SEO training etc…

I do take a couple hours out of my life to help explain my program to help others make money. I sit down and work step by step with my new prospects to teach and help them understand what they are doing, and the importance of what they are doing.

When you are talking to your prospect or your new member you need to be straight forward in a couple area’s.

1.) How much money are they going to spend up front per month.

2.) Just because you have a domain and a website does not guarantee you success.

You need to tell people that with the internet you need to get a consistent flow of traffic to their website. This takes anywhere from 1 month to a 6 months of constant advertising. whether it is traffic exchanges, safelists, listbuilders, ppc, blogging, social networking ex. facebook, linkedin. I use all the above on a daily bases to get traffic to my site.

There is no exact science to getting traffic. All I know for certain is if you are willing to take the time to help others see results. You will get your name out faster as a positive leader then if do not take the time to help others. There is no “I” in team.

Help others see results and you will see results for your self!!!

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Online business Goals


The goals of your business should be set high. A goal or a plan is something that you should really have to work at, to be able to reach it. The plans should be written down for all to see. This is important as people who have plans that are not written down seem to get changed to easily.

Creating a plan is easy, following through with making your plans a reality is the hard part. Many people create goals every year usually around the first of the year. For example people who are on unemployment say that their plan is to have a job, or even say their plan is to make one hundred thousand dollars in the year. The most common commitment for many people is losing weight, but is quickly forgotten a few weeks into the year.

Planning is important; however more people in the United States spend more time planning vacations then their own goals. A plan is like a ship, you do all the preparation to make it float. When you finally get it in the water it springs a leak, and Instead of fixing the leak we just tow it to shore and forget about it. This is the same principle with our goals, we have all the intention to follow through but when we start losing weight or get that job. We seem to forget about our commitment and say I’m not going to diet today, or I don’t feel like going to work today. Somewhere along our journey we forget about our commitment that we set out to achieve.

Emotions drive us to be extraordinary or failures. We somehow forget why we set the commitment so high. The most common mistake we make is forgetting about our plans all together. In business you should always post the commitment on a billboard or a doorway for all to see. This way you see the plans you set everyday and stay on track. When setting a plan it is just as important to put a time frame on each individual goal. The time frame is three months, six months, one year, or at the most is three years. You don’t want to go over three years as with commitments you should revise these every year.

When you set goals every year, this allows you to change or increase your production, only after reviewing your past progress. The goals of your business are determined by you and can make or break your business by not having the plans laid out in black and white.

I have my goals written down and in front of me every day. This is how I have been able to be successful in my own life. If you want your own business from your own home then please take a look at my business If you have any questions I do respond promptly at chrispickett22@gmail.com

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Making Money Using (GDI); Can You Do It?
Just imagine yourself, being able to spend your lazy summer
weekends drifting from car dealership to car dealership,
looking for the car you’ve always wanted.  Imagine turning
on the engines of luxury cars for a test drive, and knowing
that they may very well be yours soon.  Now, don’t think
Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s yet, but are entry-level
Mercedes Benz’s, BMW’s, Acura’s, Lexus’s or Cadillac’s good
enough for you?  If they are, you’ve found the right
(The Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s are possible, but take a
few more years to build towards)

Have you been trying affiliate programs and have had no
success?  Some people can do very well the business, and
others just can’t figure out how they do it.  Well, I have
tried and failed at it myself.  But, through some research,
I came across an amazing affiliate opportunity that does
not require you to be able to market things to total
strangers.  Global Domains International (I will from now
on refer to it as GDI) is the wonderful online opportunity
which can clean up your financial stresses, and maybe,
eventually, allow you to quit your job.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this will work.  It is quite
simple, in fact.  There is an informative video which you
may want to watch, to get a better understanding of how
this works:

(here’s the link if you prefer video over reading)

I will also explain this in writing, as follows: The idea
behind GDI is just like any other affiliate program.  You
sell a product, and get a commission.  Only, in this case,
the commission is monthly, and at the beginning, it can
sometimes seem to be low. (but grows VERY large if you
persist over time and plug your team into our team system)

Let me explain the “product” first.

GDI owns the .ws website extension, and has an affiliate
program for selling it (for example, www.rarecars.ws,
instead of www.rarecars.com).

To sign up, you first visit a website (mine is below, at
the bottom of this blog), sign up, and purchase a domain
name (for example: www.rarecars.ws)  You will receive a
7-day f.ree t.rial, and at any point, you can quit if you
wish.  After the trial, the web hosting will only cost you
$10 a month.  For that, you get one website, which you can
use for whatever purpose you want, (in most cases, people
will use theirs to sell another website to someone else).
You will also receive some email addresses that go along
with your domain name, which you purchased (for example:

So, how can you make money with this?

When somebody visits your website, signs up under you,
completes their free trial, and begins paying the $10, you
will make $1 from them, per month.  Now that may not seem
like enough to buy anything, not to mention a car.  You
would need to sign up 10 people just to earn $10 per month,
and equalize what you are paying (the monthly $10 GDI fee).

Here’s where it gets exciting…

You are not just paid for the people you sign up, but also
for the people they sign up, and the people they sign up,
and so on, for 5 levels deep.

If you need a mental image, imagine, 5 people. Call them
2,3,4,5,6.  You are #1.

Let say 2 signs up under you, and 3 signs up under 2, and
4 signs up under 3, and 5 signs up 4, and finally, 6 signs
up under 5.  You will be paid 5 dollars, from having
2,3,4,5,6 under you (5 people).  If this is as confusing to
you as it is to me…please watch this video:

How much can you make?  Let’s say you sign up 5 people, and
all those 5 people sign up 5 people, and so on, for five
levels.  You would be earning around $3,900 a month.
That’s how it works.

If everyone signed up 6 people as opposed to 5, you would
earn a little more than $9000 per month.  Thats a $96,000
per year income!
(FYI – $3,900/month is enough to own a Mercedes, while
$9,000/month is enough to own a Ferrari…)

How do you get people to sign up?  Well, if you don’t want
to do it across the internet, sign up your family and
friends…the company has many automated tools & system to
do so.

We do NOT recommend that you chase your friends & family!
(Most of your friends & family do NOT make good business
owners…and are too skeptical to believe in their dreams.)

Our team focuses on attracting highly pre-qualified
business people directly to them using the power of the
internet.  You can learn more about how this works here:


I want to point out that how much money you make really depends on the purchaser.


Dean Graziosi


A guy from TV. With a real estate program.

  I like Dean Graziosi. He is very exciting to watch and I believe he is genuine in everything he is teaching. I know some may disagree but this is my feeling. He is promoting 3 payments of $39.95 for his guidance and on the Infomercial he says if you purchase within 30 min. he will make the first 2 payments for you. This is crazy right? Well when a person feels like they are getting a discount, more times than not we end up purchasing the product.

    Dean Graziosi’s program “Think A Little Different to Real Estate Fortune” appears to be a great program. The best example given is you buy a house for $60,000 in foreclosure with no money down. Next you immediately re-finance the property at the closing for $100,000 and you still own the property. Now move in, or rent it and watch the value of the property continue to grow.

  For the $35.95 you get a foreclosures alert bonus for finding the properties, live monthly calls with Dean, and access to his on-line resource center. I believe that is a lot of value for only $39.95, don’t get me wrong it is a lot. I really do not know if there are up sells with this program. I have already been purchasing these programs and I just can’t afford to purchase this one.

I do want to say that from my research any program that is advertised is ultimately up to the purchaser to make product work. I do believe Dean Graziosi to be a stand up business professional and I have not heard a bad report on him. Good luck in your Search for a perfect program and don’t quit.

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